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To the Frontlines with Faith – The Amateur Edge

Personal EvangelismWho Said It…Bob Briner

Bob Briner was a leading figure in professional sports management, an Emmy Award-winning producer, and president of ProServe Television. He wrote regularly for the New York Times and Sports Illustrated.

With Michael W. Smith, he co-hosted the nationally syndicated radio show Roaring Lambs. Bob wrote a book with the same title, and while battling cancer in 1999, struggled to finish one more book during his final weeks on earth—pulling it off just in time.

What He Said…The Amateur Edge

The conventional wisdom says that Christianity’s best spokespersons are the Chuck Swindolls and the James Dobsons of the church. But guess what.

Out where I spend my professional life—in the headquarters of the television networks and in the advertising agencies in New York and in the offices of the professional sports leagues—people have never heard of either one. They are both extraordinarily effective at speaking to and equipping Christians. But we are not applying what they are teaching us.

It is my firm belief that the most effective spokespersons for Jesus Christ in the public arena will:

  • Have never asked for money on radio or television.
  • Not be on the payroll of any Christian organization.
  • Through competence and class in their own “secular” profession, have earned the right to be heard.
  • Be a superb communicator.
  • Know and love God’s Word.
  • Understand that Christianity is relevant to life.

Adapted from Roaring Lambs (Zondervan, 1993)

Prayer for the Week: Lord, help me to penetrate my corner of Your world with the salt of the gospel.


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