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Chuck Knows Church!

Chuck Knows ChurchClick here for the latest episode of Chuck: 

About Chuck

What is  ‘Chuck Knows Church”?

Chuck Knows Church is a fun and informative (and free!) weekly web series about the objects, symbols and terms used in church.  Take a couple of minutes each week and have some fun while you learn from Chuck!

Who is it produced for?

You! You don’t have to be United Methodist or even a regular worship attendee.  Watch and learn while you have a chuckle.  

Where can I view all the episodes and trash-talk with Chuck?

There are several places you can get your weekly dose of Chuck:

Can I download episodes?

Yep, just go to, and click on the episode you want.   A link to download the video is at the top of each episode’s page.  They are HD quality and free.   How ‘bout that?

Who is Chuck, really?

Chuck is Chuck!  What can we tell ‘ya?  He’s also a very knowledgeable guy.  We have always felt that Chuck’s identity was part of the fun.  If we tell you Chuck is a clergy person then some may want to know which seminary he attended, what church he serves, if he’s left handed or right handed.  If he’s a layperson, some will want to know if he’s trained to give such churchy advice, and where he attends church.  But, we realize some people are not satisfied with that answer.   We looked for a long time to find the right person to deliver the message of Chuck.  After a series of auditions in three states we found that person in Josh Childs, a Christian here in Nashville who loves God and loves the church.

On set we call Josh “Chuck.”  He’s literally the smartest guy in the room and adds to the scripts along with the rest of the producers and writers.  Josh is part of our family now.  He’s our personal friend.

Who produces Chuck Knows Church?

The United Methodist Church’s General Board of Discipleship (GBOD) produces Chuck Knows Church.  GBOD is part of the headquarters of the Protestant denomination, which United Methodists call a General Agency.  A guy named Rev. Steve Horswill-Johnston, executive director of communications at GBOD, produces each episode.  We have a team of consultants headed by Taylor Burton-Edwards, director of worship resources of The United Methodist Church, who adds depth to the scripts and checks for accuracy.  We also have a team of volunteers who help in countless ways.

Why does Chuck end each episode with “Ask your pastor if you want to learn more. Tell them Chuck sent you?”

Volumes have been written about many of the subjects Chuck addresses.  Your pastor will know much more.  We’re just trying to give you some barebones facts.  And by the way, in the first 14 episodes, Chuck ended each episode with “tell ‘em Chuck sent you.”  We realize that sounded like “him”.  So, Chuck has changed that line to “tell THEM Chuck sent you”.  Clergy are both female and male.  We like that about them.

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