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Central Church’s Red Doors

This week, our dedicated Trustees restored our main doors with fresh coats of red paint, matching the red flame in our UMC “Cross and Flame” insignia.

Why do many churches have red doors?

The tradition of red doors dates back centuries. There are several meanings associated with red doors.

Red symbolizes the sacrificial blood of Christ that saves those who come to him. Red is also a reminder of the Passover and a sign of the Holy Spirit. Church doors began to be painted red as a way of remembering the ultimate sacrifice that others had made for their faith.

The red doors of churches traditionally signaled a place of sanctuary, refuge, and safety. Those in need would not be captured or harmed inside the holy walls of the church, which offered physical and spiritual protection.

Some believe that the doors of the Wittenberg Cathedral, where Martin Luther posted his 95 theses, were red. Red doors on Protestant churches indicate their roots in the Reformation.

Whatever the meaning, many churches today, including Central Church, are recognized by their distinctive red doors.

13th Street Ramp Door Restored!


Our 13th Street ramp outside door has been scraped and repainted with the same Sherwin-Williams’ “Real Red” shade used on our outside “Cross and Flame” medallions.  (The only difference is that oil-based gloss enamel was used on the metal medallions, while latex paint (three coats) was used on the wooden doors.)

See the difference the sun can make over many years in washing out the red color on our doors!  Now those doors have been renewed for years to come.

You can see the difference is stunning – not even taking into account that the Before picture was taken on a clear, sunny day and the After photo was taken on a darker, overcast day.  (Take a look at the reflections of the sky in the door’s windows.)

A big thanks to our dedicated Trustees for always looking for ways to maintain and improve our Church!



Outside Railings Repainted!

During the day today, our dedicated Trustees repainted the outside black railings on 6th Avenue down into our Fellowship Hall and on our 13th Street Ramp.

The difference isn’t as dramatic on the 6th Avenue railings since Dave Beegle repainted them last year when he built the roof over the outside steps.  However, those railings get a lot of wear from our feeding ministries, and needed a touch-up. 

However, the railing on 13th Street hasn’t been repainted for a few years, and was badly faded and peeling.  A fresh coat of glossy black enamel has now restored their original luster.

A new coat of paint to the top of our building!

Many thanks to our Trustees for their continuing work to maintain and improve our Church building!




Repainted “Cross and Flame” Insignias

                    6th Avenue “After”

                          13th Street “Before”

During the day today, our dedicated Trustees repainted the “Cross and Flame” insignias on the exterior of our Church.

Over the past few years, the relentless sun had reduced our red flames to something a lot closer to pink, and our black crosses had started migrating toward grey!

Many thanks to our Trustees for their tireless work to maintain and improve our Church building!

                        13th Street “After”




6th Avenue Bulletin Board Restored and Improved

Our Trustees have been busy again – this time with our outside 6th Avenue Bulletin Board.

The plexiglass window on the front door recently broke at the top left corner, leaving the inside open to the elements.  The broken plexiglass was removed and replaced with new plexiglass to give us a weather-tight seal once again.

While they were at it, the old fluorescent tube and ballast were removed and replaced with a brand new LED light fixture.

The restored 6th Avenue bulletin board is now fully functional once again, illuminating our Church’s name and washing light down over the message in the bulletin board, all while using 30% less electricity than the little we previously used with the fluorescent light.

A big Thank-You to our dedicated Trustees for another improvement to our Church!



Outside Steps Project is Underway!

Working closely with a contractor, this week we have removed the loose or deteriorating portions on each of our outside concrete steps to our Fellowship Hall with a hammer chisel.

The remaining concrete on the top step has been coated with a bonding agent to increase the adhesion of the new concrete.

Steel mesh is then screwed down onto the old concrete and 1½” of concrete is applied to the tread portion of the stair.  A final ½” of fine, finish concrete (i.e., with smaller aggregate) will be added to the top of the stair.

Our plan is to do the tread (top) portions of each of the other stairs, and then return to the top to apply about 2” of concrete to the riser (front) portion of each stair.

The edge of each stair will also be rounded off and the tread portion brushed to provide greater traction during bad weather.

As part of the process, the North railing (closest to 13th Street) will be re-cemented into the ground since it has loosened over years of heavy use.

Since the old concrete has degraded because of the amount of salt that must be applied during the winter to melt snow and ice on the stairs, a roof will be installed over the stairs.  The new roof will reduce the amount of snow and ice that land on the stairs, and therefore should also reduce the amount of salt that we need to apply to keep them clear during the winter.

The work should continue through the coming week.  Our thanks to our dedicated Trustees for these comprehensive repairs and improvements that should give us many years of maintenance-free use!



Let There Be Light!

Central - New Outside LED Lights 3 - 6-21-2016Central Church’s hard-working Trustees have been at it again. 

Earlier tonight, they finished replacing old mercury-vapor and high-pressure sodium outside lights with new LED floodlights, doubling the amount of light while at the same time reducing our outside lighting electric usage by 50%!

Our thanks to our Trustees for working to make the outside of our Church safer and more secure!


New Kitchen Exhaust Fans!

New Exhaust Fan installed over the Kitchen sinks.

New Exhaust Fan installed over the Kitchen sinks.

Our dedicated Trustees have been very busy lately.

The latest evidence of their activity are the two new exhaust fans that have been installed in the Church Kitchen in place of our old two exhaust fans – one over the sinks and one over the stove.

And, by the way, no more plugging in the fans to electrical outlets when we want to use them. Oh no, no no.

We now have very nice tilt tablet switches mounted on the walls near each fan so we will no longer risk electrocution when trying to plug in the old fans with wet hands.

(After all, even though we have future homes in heaven, there’s no need to rush things!)

New Exhaust Fan installed over the Kitchen stove.

New Exhaust Fan installed over the Kitchen stove.

The new exhaust fans are one of the improvement projects that has been made possible by the recent Ken Finney Bequest.

A big THANK YOU to our Trustees for their continuing efforts to update and beautify our Church!