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In Memoriam: Bill Graham

Billy Graham went into the presence of the Lord on February 21, 2018.

The Bible tells us in Revelation 14:13: “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord … that they may rest from their labors, and their works follow them” (NKJV).

Many have said that his death ends an era, but he would be the first to say that when God’s ambassadors die in Christ, the Lord raises up others, because the preaching of the Gospel will go forward until the end of the age.  God’s blessing continues as He opens doors for the Gospel around the world.

As this very public ambassador is laid to rest, please pray with us that the testimony he leaves behind will touch many lives and point them to salvation in Jesus Christ.  Billy Graham’s journey of faith on earth has ended.  He has stepped into the eternal joy of Heaven in the presence of his Savior, in whom he placed his hope.




Billy Graham dies at age 99, the most influential Christian of the 20th Century

Billy Graham has died today at age 99 – Preacher to millions in massive football stadiums. Counselor of Presidents, Kings and Queens.

It would not be too much to say that he single-handedly averted the decline of the Christian Church in the West more than anyone else of his generation. But God also achieved amazing things through him in every continent of the World.

A life well lived.

A death infused with hope of spending an eternity with his LORD.

I’m sure the words that Billy would want us to hear today are these:

“Someday you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don’t you believe a word of it. I shall be more alive than I am now. I will just have changed my address. I will have gone into the presence of God.” (Billy Graham).

His death marks the end of an extraordinary era.  He was an outstanding Evangelist the like the world has never seen before or since, and perhaps never will see again.


Billy Graham Christmas Special

Billy Graham - Christmas SpecialTune in to this month’s Billy Graham Christmas Special as we celebrate God’s gift of Jesus Christ and look back on His work in 2014.

Go behind the scenes with Franklin Graham’s Festival of Hope tour and the Rapid Response Team chaplains.

Find out more about our nationwide outreach, My Hope with Billy Graham—plus, take a look back at Billy Graham’s family Christmas celebrations through the years.

Billy Graham - Christmas Special 2


Billy Graham’s Last Crusade: ‘My Hope’ – Tonight!

Billy Graham - My Hope CrusadeBilly Graham will celebrate his 95th birthday tonight in appropriate fashion, launching his largest-ever and likely last crusade.

Local Viewing Information:

7:00 –    7:30 pm (EST) –  Billy Graham Birthday Special – UP (Comcast channel 190)

8:00 –    8:30 pm (EST) – My Hope – TBN (Comcast channel 290)

10:00 – 11:00 pm (EST) – My Hope – FNC (Comcast channel 34)

For other viewing opportunities, please click on this link:  Watch Billy Graham

More than 28,000 churches have pledged their involvement in “My Hope America with Billy Graham,” an event which pivots from the evangelist’s famous stadium-filling events to living rooms nationwide.

Based on Matthew 9:9-10, “My Hope” encourages Christians to invite non-Christian friends into their homes to watch a TV program featuring Graham. The video will feature clips of past sermons as well as a new message Graham has prepared—possibly his last.

However, this is not the first time the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) has held the “My Hope” campaign. In fact, America is one of the last places to host the program.

The televised campaign—instituted through churches—has reached 57 countries since 2002, with more than 298,000 churches participating and more than 4.4 million Christians serving as “My Hope” hosts. The result: more than 10 million people have become Christians, claims the BGEA.

In Spain, the campaign launched in 2011 with more than 1,000 churches training approximately 8,500 individuals. In Zambia, the numbers were much higher: approximately 60,000 people in almost 6,000 churches participated in the “living room” crusade.

Among many examples the BGEA recounts from other countries, “My Hope” was so successful in Haiti that more churches had to be built to accommodate the number of new Christians. The BGEA registered more than 120,000 decisions for Christ in Haiti.

Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic were two of the last hosts in Latin America, where “My Hope” was first launched (in Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador). The BGEA has recorded more than three million “My Hope” decisions in 17 Latin American nations.

The largest and most complicated country to benefit from the “My Hope” program: India, where more than four million people responded to the initial “My Hope” program aired in 14 different languages.

“My Hope” concerned many Christians in Russia in 2004 because of a possible ban on evangelism. But the project continued, with showings in churches, prisons, hospitals, and other venues. The previous year, Russia’s “There is Hope” project required a different setup to account for the country’s 11 different time zones and large population (145 million people).

In Malawi, the country known as the “Warm Heart of Africa,” meetings often took place outdoors, using battery-powered projector units. Along the Amazon River in Brazil, where most villages did not have a Christian church or TVs to watch the broadcast version of “My Hope,” one missionary distributed DVDs and constructed churches along the way.

Among the many American responses to the campaign, Hawaiian pastors say the island’s hospitable and relational culture is a good fit for such an evangelism approach. A North Carolina college ministry showed the “My Hope” video to 1,000 students on Halloween night, while others are promoting the crusade through skate park ministry and throw-back tent revivals. At the Dakota County Jail in Minnesota, the program has led to inmate conversions.

A national broadcast of Billy Graham’s message to America will air tonight.

Local Viewing Information:

7:00 –    7:30 pm (EST) –  Billy Graham Birthday Special – UP (Comcast channel 190)

8:00 –    8:30 pm (EST) – My Hope – TBN (Comcast channel 290)

10:00 – 11:00 pm (EST) – My Hope – FNC (Comcast channel 34)

For other viewing opportunities, please click on this link:  Watch Billy Graham

Will You Join Billy Graham?

Billy Graham 1Billy Graham 4Your friends and neighbors need Jesus Christ. 

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is working with thousands of churches and Christians like you to share Jesus through personal relationships.

  • Will you join Billy Graham as he presents a powerful new message starting November 7th?

Download your free My Hope America materials and compelling programs or request the DVD today at

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