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Required to Reconnect – First Impression

Reconciliation3Key Bible Verse: “May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me.”  –  John 17:23 NIV

Bonus Reading: Philippians 2:1-2

Cindy, a fellow college student, attended a church that provided little biblical teaching. Since she was struggling in her spiritual life, I invited her to visit my church.

I was unprepared for what took place after we took our seats. My pastor asked one of the elders to join him at the pulpit. “As most of you know, Kent and I argued during Sunday school last week,” he said. “Our emotions got out of hand, and we said things that should have been discussed in private.” Of all days to bring someone to church, I thought, why did I pick this one?

Pastor Woods put his arm around Kent’s shoulders. “We want you to know that we met that same afternoon to resolve our differences. By God’s grace we came to understand each other and were fully reconciled. But we are sorry for disrupting the unity of this fellowship and ask your forgiveness.”

The rest of the service was a blur, and I hoped Cindy would forget the whole incident. But after the service, as I was driving her home, she exclaimed, “I still can’t believe this morning. I’ve never met a minister who had the courage and humility to do what yours did. I’d like to come to your church again.”

—Ken Sande in The Peacemaker

My Response: What is it about an act of reconciliation that is so powerful?

Thought to Apply: Conflict provides opportunities to glorify God, serve other people, and grow to be like Christ. —Ken Sande (lawyer & Christian conciliator)

Adapted from The Peacemaker (Baker, 1991, 1997)

Prayer for the Week: I need Your courage, Lord, to bypass my pride, engage the one with whom I’m on the outs, probe for the root of our misunderstanding, and experience healing.



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