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Escape and Evasion – With Angels Like These…

Avoiding TemptationKey Bible Verse: But let the Lord Jesus take control of you, and don’t think of ways to indulge your evil desires. Romans 13:14

Bonus Reading: Matthew 5:27-30

Ryan, my nine-year-old, and I were watching an NFL playoff game when the Victoria’s Secret “angels” hit the screen with only their wings on. The remote wasn’t nearby, so I immediately turned to Ryan and blabbered, “Hey, Ryan, how’s it going? How you doing? What’s going on?” I engaged him in conversation to draw my eyes—and his—away from the skin belonging to our fine-feathered friends.

He looked at me (okay, my ploy worked), and then asked, “Dad, what are you doing?

“Dude, there are some ladies on TV right now without any clothes on, and I don’t want to look at any other woman that way except your mom. So you can help me out by talking to me.”

My son, who still thinks girls have cooties, shrugged his shoulders. “Okay,” he said.

Two weeks later, Ryan and his younger sister were downstairs watching football, and I heard the same Victoria’s Secret ad come on. I was about to rush downstairs when I heard Ryan say, “Hey, Cara, how’s it going? How you doing? What’s going on?”

Think I felt God’s pleasure? Up and down my spine! It happened because I wanted to bounce my eyes from sexy images and stay loyal to God and my son.

—Kenny Luck in Every Man, God’s Man

My Response: Can I point to a recent win against lust that increased my confidence as God’s man?

Adapted from Every Man, God’s Man (WaterBrook, 2005)

Prayer for the Week: Lord, our culture preys on my vulnerabilities. I need Your strength to stand tall and true.



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