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Escape and Evasion – Blindsided

Avoiding TemptationWho Said It…Jerry White

Jerry White has worn more hats than most: A mission controller at Cape Kennedy after earning his doctorate in astronautics. An officer in the Air Force, retiring from the reserves as a major general. And president and CEO of The Navigators.

During his stint at Nav headquarters in Colorado Springs in 1990, his grown son was brutally murdered. Several of Jerry’s books deal with how he and his wife, Mary, re-examined what they believed about God’s sovereignty and love.

What He Said…Blindsided

The dangers we need to fear the most are the ones we don’t see until it’s too late. It’s like traveling in a country where cars drive on the opposite side of the road. As pedestrians, all our instincts tell us to look in the wrong direction for traffic. Many times when traveling, I’ve been protected by a friend who knew I’d make that mistake and restrained me.

Danger is like a cancer that grows within us, unknown until it sinks roots of death into our bodies. Danger is like the cholesterol clogging our arteries, building silently until we have a heart attack. Even for a committed believer in Christ, these silent and subtle dangers are always present. Not just casual or halfhearted believers are at risk.

Most of us believe that “Satan walks about seeking whom he can devour.” True, but it also takes a more sinister form: “Satan sneaks about seeking whom he can entice and coax into the first delicious steps of seemingly harmless indiscretion.”

Adapted from Dangers Men Face (NavPress, 1997)

Prayer for the Week: Lord, our culture preys on my vulnerabilities. I need Your strength to stand tall and true.



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