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Radical Repentance – God’s Huge Heart

Radical RepentanceKey Bible Verse: So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus. Romans 8:1

Bonus reading: Romans 8:31-39

As I met with Fernando in his prison cell, he confessed that he had committed a lot of sins. He just couldn’t see how God could possibly forgive him. I drove home today’s Key Bible Verse and emphasized the complete forgiveness God offers to those who place their faith in Jesus Christ. At the end of our short time together, God broke this man. We got down on our knees and Fernando asked the Lord for forgiveness.

After his release from prison, Fernando moved to London. During one of our trips to England, Pat and I invited him over to our hotel for tea. When Pat greeted him in the lobby, he greeted her with the words: “The thing that got me was that your husband assured me from the Bible that ALL my sins were forgiven in one moment, forever, never to be brought up again.” He could not get over the forgiving heart of God.

A few days later, Fernando told his story to a group of English businessmen. “I never would have listened to the message of Christ if I hadn’t been in jail,” he admitted. “I was too arrogant, too proud. But I was desperate, I was in crisis—and God used it.”

—Luis Palau in High Definition Life

My Response: When I struggle with experiencing God’s forgiveness, I will remind myself that God’s heart is huge and his forgiveness is unending.

Adapted from High Definition Life (Revell, 2005).

Prayer for the Week: Dear Father, help me to know that in you there is no condemnation and nothing can ever separate me from your love.



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