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Thanks to underwriting by a generous donor, Central Church was able to offer a Summer Street Picnic to our community this afternoon.

For this special, first-time event, 13th Street outside the Church was blocked off by the Beaver Falls Police, and tents and grilling rigs were erected all along the street, providing a dizzying array of grilled chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, and roasted corn on the cob, in addition to coleslaw and other traditional picnic fare.

We even had a burning barrel set up with firewood in the middle of the street so those attending could toast marshmallows over the open flames and make s’mores!

In addition to seating under a tent in the street, our Fellowship Hall featured live music by several talented artists from our area and an opportunity to enjoy their performances in air conditioned comfort.

We lost count of how many folks came to eat after the first 128 plates we put out were gone, but people continued to come by to eat and stay for a while to hear the music all afternoon.

In addition to our usual neighbors and friends who regularly attend our feeding ministry outreach offerings on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday, folks walking along 7th Avenue and other streets were drawn by the music and festivities and joined us for a time of food, fun, and fellowship.

We even had a gentleman riding by in a taxi, who asked the taxi to change his destination and drop him off at the Church so he could join us.

What a glorious day!



Many thanks to all of our dedicated volunteers who took time from their busy schedules to help make our event a big success, and many, many thanks to our generous donor who made all of the festivities possible!


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