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Lenten Devotional – Easter Sunday – A Happy Ending

Scripture: Psalm 30:11

11 You turned my loud crying into dancing.
    You removed my clothes of sadness and dressed me with joy.

Just after confirming that I was pregnant, my dad received bad news. Chemotherapy that had successfully treated his cancer failed to produce desired results this time. Options were limited.

My emotions were like a roller coaster, cresting with hope for our child’s birth, then plummeting with grief of losing Dad. I prayed he could live to hold our unborn daughter, but that was not to be. At his graveside she moved within me, nudging me gently to the promise of new life.

Afterwards, I vowed to keep Dad’s memory alive through family stories and pictures. Simple activities combined with commentaries about how Paw Paw would be so proud, or how Paw Paw loved this or that.

Previously, Mom and Dad had planned to take the grandkids to Disney World. At five, Meredith was eager to make that trip, so we loaded up the three grandchildren and drove to Orlando. During the week, we talked about how Paw Paw would have enjoyed the experiences. We spent our final day at Epcot. As we approached the exit at the close of day, Meredith abruptly stopped, looked up toward heaven with outstretched arms, and announced, “Paw Paw, it’s a happy ending!”

As we celebrate this Lenten season, we remember the ultimate happy ending of the good news of joy and gladness as we serve a risen Lord.

Prayer: Father, thank you for sorrow and joy, as you make all things new through the seasons of our lives.

  – Marylane Wade Koch – Byhalia, Mississippi



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