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Lenten Devotional – Day 40 – Holy Saturday – Humility

Scripture: Matthew 13:3–5

Then he told them many things using stories. He said, “A farmer went out to plant his seed. He scattered the seed on the ground. Some fell on a path. Birds came and ate it up. Some seed fell on rocky places, where there wasn’t much soil. The plants came up quickly, because the soil wasn’t deep.

Several years ago, I went on my first mission trip. I had not planned to go on this trip but someone else had canceled and my pastor asked me to go.

My first reaction to the invitation was, “No, ask someone else.” However, my daughter was with me at the time. She had recently returned from Europe and her comment was “You are always taking one of us to the airport or picking us up, so why don’t you go?” I said yes, not really knowing how much that two weeks would change my life.

The first big surprise was that there was to be a foot washing on the first night that we were together as a team. At this point I was ready to go back home. I told my pastor that I would be in the bathroom until this was over. I was absolutely out of my comfort zone. But a kind friend sat beside me and I learned of the humility that the disciples must have felt when Jesus washed their feet. I also obtained a new understanding of what it means to serve others.

Since that time, I have participated in several foot washings, especially during the season of Lent. I would encourage you to also participate in this ritual. Fear of the unknown can change, bringing a new understanding and joy as you are served and as you serve.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, give us the courage to seek humility in the small acts of kindness that present themselves to us each day. Thank you for your example of how to be a true servant. Amen.

  – Doris Hedrick – Natural Bridge, Virginia


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