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Lenten Devotional – The First Sunday in Lent – A Time to Weep

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 3:4

    a time to weep and a time to laugh,
    a time to mourn and a time to dance,

Any type of change can bring about sorrow and grief, but then, as you work through the grief, joy can come. The key is to work through the grief, not get stuck in it. View it as a season of life and trust your future to God.

There was a time of major change in my life as I was preparing for the mission field. I had to quit a job that I loved, leave a church that I loved, sell my house, and go back to school. While I knew this is what the Lord wanted, I cried and grieved through each of those steps.

The first semester of school was difficult, but I made it. Then during the second semester God opened a door for me to go back to my old church and do some ministry. However it was three hours away and I had no place to live.

God opened doors for me to be there every weekend, and extra in the summer. I did that for almost two years. There were many ministry opportunities, some of which gave me some college credits, and I was still able to graduate on time. I did not know the future but God did.

Prayer: God help us to grieve the changes and sorrows of life, and then through faith, keep moving on.

  – Karen Blackburn – Bluefield, West Virginia


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