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From Career to Calling – Novocain, No; Prayer, Yes

From Career to CallingWho Said It…Don Couchman

Don Couchman is a dentist in Colorado Springs. He and his staff of six pray for ways to minister to their patients. “If we feel the Lord is giving us a certain Scripture to pass along,” Don says, “we just underline the Scripture in one of the Bibles we have in each room, then give the patient the Bible to take home.”

Don and his artist wife, Cathy, also give out “a whole lot” of Bibles at their Westcliffe, Colorado, ranch ministry.

What He Said…Novocain, No; Prayer, Yes

One patient the Lord sent my way was a biker who considered himself too tough to use anesthetic for his dental treatments. But in conversation during his treatment, the man revealed that he was concerned about his son, who was in trouble with the law. “Would it be all right with you if we prayed for your son?” I asked. The man said it would be great, so we did.

I moved on to the next treatment room, but I heard the biker’s cell phone ringing next door. When I came back into the room where the biker waited, the guy was just shaking his head. “That stuff works fast!” he told me. “That was the D.A.’s office calling me to say they are going to send my son into mediation instead of making him stand trial.”

“Then we have to pray again to thank Jesus and ask him to make this a positive experience in the young man’s life!” I said, and we did. Two weeks later when the father returned, he reported that his son was given probation and has to “keep his nose clean” for the next two years—a positive outcome.

Adapted from Catalog (International Bible Society, Fall/04)

Prayer for the Week: Lord, let me know clearly the work You are calling me to do in life. And grant me the courage, love, and lasting dedication to answer Your call. —Saint Meinrad


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