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How God Gets Our Attention – God’s Fingerprints

How God Gets Our AttentionWho Said It…Craig DeMartino

Craig DeMartino and veteran climbing partner Steve Gorham tackled the difficult “White-man” climb on Sundance Buttress in Rocky Mountain National Park on July 21, 2002.

DeMartino reached the top, and Gorham, at the bottom of the cliff, unhooked the belaying line.  Because of a miscommunication, DeMartino didn’t know he wasn’t still protected, leaned back, and plummeted feet-first onto the brutal rocks 100 feet below.  His feet and ankles were mangled, and a vertebra in his lower back was crushed.

What He Said…God’s Fingerprints

DeMartino never should have survived the disaster,” wrote Loveland Daily Reporter-Herald reporter Craig Young, “let alone be walking, cycling, and climbing again.

DeMartino cites a ‘whole list of things that to me are miraculous’:”

  • Gorham usually never carried a cell phone while climbing, but did that day.
  • Wildfires were burning in the area, so crews were on standby nearby.  “Within 45 minutes of hitting the ground, I had two paramedics on scene.”
  • Crews had recently rescued a climber in the same area, and knew the best routes to get him out.
  • At the Fort Collins hospital he was flown to, “two of the best neurosurgeons were both on duty”—a rare occurrence.  “They decompressed my spine and kept me from being a paraplegic.”
  • Dr. Doug Lundy, a top trauma surgeon, was also on duty. ” He saved my left foot.”00

Adapted from Loveland Daily Reporter-Herald (8/28/04)

Prayer for the Week:  Lord, I realize that Satan would love to switch my attention away from You.  Please capture my attention and turn my focus toward Your will for me.

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