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Ordinary Attempts – Conversation Lighter

Everyday Evangelism 2Key Bible Verse: “Zacchaeus!” he said. “Quick, come down! For I must be a guest in your home today” Luke 19:5

Bonus Reading: Luke 19:1-9

A man in black, covered with tattoos, and reeking of cigarette smoke entered our rental store. While I checked his movie back in, he asked me an unusual question: “What kind of Zippo do you have?” (Zippo is a popular brand of cigarette lighter that comes with different designs.)

I told him I didn’t have one but was eager to see his. His had a family of four seated around a table—all skeletons. “That’s how I see things,” he said; “we’re all just waiting to die.”

“My take on it,” I responded, “is that God has more for us in this life.”

Instead of darting for the door, he opened up: “I just got out of prison after 16 years for attempted murder. ‘Doing my own thing’ is all I’ve ever known. I let my son do ‘his own thing,’ and he just dropped out of school.”

“I might have ended like that,” I replied, “if someone hadn’t come alongside to help me through some tough times. That’s one reason I’m a Christian, to help others find more in this life.”

“I never had that in my life,” he said. “Can you help my son? Could he come to your church sometime?” I said I’d be glad to hook up with him and give him a ride to church.

—Chris from Ohio, cited in a.k.a. “Lost”

My Response: Who do I know that might open up in response to a sympathetic listening ear?

Thought to Apply: The world is far more ready to receive the gospel than Christians are to hand it out.—George W. Peters (missions professor)

Adapted from a.k.a. “Lost” (WaterBrook, 2005)

Prayer for the Week: Lord, I want to come across to others not as religious so much as real. Help me make being Your disciple look inviting.

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