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Bind Us Together – Subbing Dilemma

Christian UnityKey Bible Verse: Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other. Romans 12:10

Bonus Reading: Romans 12:9-18

Junior high coach Steve Heck made certain all of his boys saw action each game. Still, one became discouraged and was close to quitting because he felt he was getting shorted on playing time.

Coach Heck took the problem to the rest of the squad. “What do you think about Travis?” he asked the other players. “Am I being unfair to him?”

Various players spoke up that they thought Travis was a good kid, that he really tried hard, and deserved more floor time. “Okay, guys, you’ve got to help me out here,” said Heck. “Who wants to give up some of your playing time”

After a few moments, Brian spoke up, “Coach, I wouldn’t mind sitting the bench for a minute or so.”

“Yeah, me too,” chimed in another player. Even some players who saw limited action themselves were willing to pledge 30 seconds of their time. The unselfish actions of these young men made them a stronger team.

Imagine you were Travis. How would it make you feel to know your teammates thought enough of you to give up some of their own playing time? How much harder must he have cheered for them when he was on the bench—and vice versa!

—R. McKenzie Fisher in Lessons from the Coaches

My Response: I’ll figure out a way to give a Christian brother a lift in the week ahead.

Thought to Apply: Together we discover that we’re a single body, that we belong to each other, and that God has called us to be a source of life for each other.—Jean Vanier

Adapted from Lessons from the Coaches (New Leaf, 1997)

Prayer for the Week: Give me the love it takes, Lord Jesus, to live in harmony with the people You died for.

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