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Give God Glory – Let’s Hear It!

Passionate WorshipKey Bible Verse: Unseal my lips, O Lord, that I may praise you.  – Psalm 51:15

Bonus Reading:  Psalm 145:1-13

I remember the first Promise Keepers conference held in a stadium. Twenty-two thousand men showed up. I was talking with my son when suddenly, from one side of the stands, I heard, “We love Jesus. Yes, we do. We love Jesus. How ’bout you?” I looked up in amazement. The other side of the stadium responded, only louder, “We love Jesus. Yes, we do. We love Jesus. How ’bout you?”

With each antiphonal response, the volume grew louder until it was almost deafening. Those 22,000 men were telling each other, God, and anybody within a mile radius that they loved Jesus! I’m quite sure that until that moment most of those men had never been so loud or enthusiastic about their love for Jesus. They hadn’t known it was appropriate for them to do that.

Telling God of our love isn’t just for crowded stadiums. Just as those men were unashamed to tell the world of their love for God as a group, so we need to tell our heavenly Father of our love as we pray individually. A fulfilling experience in prayer is hearing God say, “I love you,” and telling Him, “I love You too.” As simple as this sounds, our churches are filled with men unaware of the intimate side of prayer.

—Dale Schlafer in Fight on Your Knees

My Response: Right now, I’ll tell God how I feel about Him.

Thought to Apply: A Christian should be an alleluia from head to foot.—Augustine of Hippo (Fourth century bishop)

Adapted from Fight on Your Knees (NavPress, 2002)

Prayer for the Week: You are entitled to praise from all Your creatures, O God. Free me up and energize me to do my part.

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