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Lenten Devotional – Day 15

Lent 3If given the chance to have dinner with either Simon or the “sinful” woman, I would chose her.

While broken, this woman is both authentic and humble and I like that.  Plus I know what it means to wrestle with sinful patterns in my own strength, only to come up short.  I think she and I could have an honest conversation about sin, suffering and our need for hope.

I’ve made some assumptions about the woman that draw me toward her story.  I bet she didn’t go looking for a bad reputation.  I assume the sins that lead her into a scandalous reputation started just like mine do – with a single, seemingly insignificant, choice.

Maybe it was a lie she did not rebuke.  Maybe it was a hurt she couldn’t forgive.  Maybe it was a bait-and-switch situation where someone promised her the world, used her, and then left her to figure out what to do next.

Whatever it was, the woman in Luke 7:35-50 gave in and embraced the reputation that her sin awarded her. It was probably easier that way – that’s one of the enemy’s great selling points.

But I do that:

I give in to ‘little’ sins that redirect my heart bit-by-bit.

I accept my sharp tongue by justifying, “They know I’m kidding.”

I spend money as if this world is where my hope lies.

When there is tension in a relationship I distance myself, opting for ambiguity rather than authenticity.

I lose sleep feeling like the weight of the world is on my shoulders.

The bottom line is, I must stop living in the past and start living in light of Jesus’ finished work on the cross. He offers me freedom when I am His.

The weeping woman recognized her only hope in this life was to convert her sin into repentance at the feet of Jesus.  Causing a scene in a Pharisee’s home was the least of this woman’s cares.  Living with a clean slate was worth everything to her.

And I bet she wasn’t expecting to hear the words, “Your sins are forgiven.”

Where would you love to hear God say “You are forgiven?”  What are you willing to do to get to His feet?

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