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Christian Persecution: World Watch List 2018

The Open Doors World Watch List is an in-depth record of the 50 countries where it is most difficult to live as a Christian. These are the places where followers of Christ must keep their beliefs hidden and where living the gospel means facing beatings, imprisonment, discrimination and abuse.

For the fifth year in a row, the level of overall persecution has risen. North Korea remains number one on the list – but only just. Afghanistan is only one point below it. India – the world’s largest democracy – has risen to its highest ever position of 11, as Hindu nationalists continue to attack other religious minorities. Islamic extremism continues to strangle the expression of the Christian faith, fueling persecution in eight out of the top ten countries.

1 North Korea

2 Afghanistan

3 Somalia

4 Sudan

5 Pakistan

6 Eritrea

7 Libya

8 Iraq

9 Yemen

10 Iran

11 India

12 Saudi Arabia

13 Maldives

14 Nigeria

15 Syria

16 Uzbekistan

17 Egypt

18 Vietnam

19 Turkmenistan

20 Laos

21 Jordan

22 Tajikistan

23 Malaysia

24 Myanmar

25 Nepal

26 Brunei

27 Qatar

28 Kazakhstan

29 Ethiopia

30 Tunisia

31 Turkey

32 Kenya

33 Bhutan

34 Kuwait

35 Central African Republic

36 Palestinian Territories

37 Mali

38 Indonesia

39 Mexico

40 United Arab Emirates

41 Bangladesh

42 Algeria

43 China

44 Sri Lanka

45 Azerbaijan

46 Oman

47 Mauritania

48 Bahrain

49 Colombia

50 Djibouti




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