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Destiny and Detours – Calling Crisis

MetroKey Bible Verse:  We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.  – Proverbs 16:9

Bonus Reading:  Isaiah 42:16

3 a.m., Moscow. I helplessly watched our one-year-old struggle for each breath.  We had no car.  The metro shut down at 1 a.m.  Even if we got a ride, reaching the American Medical Clinic across town would take at least an hour.

“Do something!” I screamed at God.

He did, but in the process He smashed the dream I thought He’d given me.  The short-term answer came quickly.  An American acquaintance with a car drove us to the clinic, where our son received timely oxygen treatments for his asthma.

The long-term answer proved much more difficult.  Over the next few weeks, my wife and I realized that we’d need to return to the States to get our son’s asthma under control.  What I considered a calling and had pursued for 14 years—teaching as a Christian professor at a university overseas—would have to wait.  Perhaps indefinitely.  What was God doing?

Four years later, as I teach some of my first Russian graduate students in the United States, I can begin to see God’s hand.  I also sense His healing hand on our growing young boy, on a struggling marriage that needed renewal, and on my own heart that needed rejuvenation.  I now thank God for His detour.

—Perry Glanzer in Texas

My Response:  What detour in my life can I now thank God for?

Prayer for the Week:  Lord, decrease my preoccupation with my destination and increase my concern for the process You are using to shape my character.

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