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An Inside Job – Lord of the Swing

Little League BatterKey Bible Verse:  “A relaxed attitude lengthens life; jealousy rots it away.”  – Proverbs 14:30

Bonus ReadingJohn 21:1-13

Our son Eric loves baseball and has a very good swing.  But he got into a hitting slump.  He worked hard to improve his game.  But despite a good swing, kept striking out.

Before Eric’s last game this season, I prayed, “Lord, give him a successful game.”  I think he was praying too.  He went two for four, and hit the ball hard and far.  Yeah, God!

But I noticed something in his “at bats.”  He quit trying so hard.  The coaches say, “Let the game come to you.”  Eric was more at ease, more trusting of his skills and work, and seemed simply to enjoy the game.

Several disciples went fishing (John 21:1-13), but their nets were empty all night.  In the morning Jesus called from the shore, “Move the nets a few feet.”  They did, and theJesus and the Miraculous Catch of Fish team went two for three, catching 153 fish.

Truth be told, they didn’t need to fish at all that night.  Jesus was roasting fish as they labored.  He’d provided their needs, just as He’d promised.  And the catch of 153 fish would fund their next day’s needs, too.

Driven workers need to relax and let the game come to them.  Jesus is Lord of the “swing” as He is of the seas.  We take ourselves far too seriously—and our Coach not seriously enough.

—Lonnie Allison in CenterLine

My Response: I’ve been uptight about _____.   I’ll ask God to work it out His way.

Thought to Apply: Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.—John Wooden (college basketball coach)

Adapted from CenterLine (Wheaton College Billy Graham Center, fall/03)

Prayer for the Week:  I can cope with external challenges, Lord, if I’m internally aligned with Your will. Help me to think like a true Christian this week.

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