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God’s Purpose Made Personal – The Next Step

ProcrastinationKey Bible Verse:  How can we understand the road we travel?  It is the Lord who directs our steps. Proverbs 20:24

Bonus Reading:  Psalm 143:8-10

Worn out by a spell of sleepless nights, I sat down to figure out what was bothering me.  I jotted down four problems and realized I’d been paralyzed by procrastination.

None of my dilemmas had simple solutions, so I kept putting off dealing with them.  After writing them down, I asked a simple question about each one: “What little step can I take right now toward addressing this?”

One required a phone call.  With another I had to make a tentative decision.  The third problem needed a conversation.  The fourth was a matter of sitting down with my calendar.  I wasn’t able to tackle the whole of each problem at once, but I got off dead center by figuring out the next step.

My daughter and son-in-law are doing the same with their finances.  They started marriage with too much debt.  Now they’ve cut up their credit cards, reduced their spending, and started paying off their bills-beginning with the smallest.  Step-by-step they’re gaining ground.

We’re never sure what will happen a year from now.  But the next step is often more or less obvious.  So in facing any vexing problem, make up your mind to prayerfully take the next logical step by faith.

—Robert Morgan in The Red Sea Rules

My Response:  A next step I need to take now is…

Thought to Apply:  I have found that if we go as far as we can, God often opens up the rest of the way. —Isobel Kuhn (missionary to China)

Adapted from The Red Sea Rules (Nelson, 2001)

Prayer for the Week:  I want my life to count for you, Lord. Help me to discover and follow your best purpose for my life.

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