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God’s Purpose Made Personal – Onboard Navigation

Abraham's FamilyKey Bible Verse:  “Leave your country, your relatives, and your father’s house, and go to the land that I will show you”   – Genesis 12:1

Bonus Reading:  Genesis 11:27-12:8

God made His will known to Abram in Genesis 12:1.

But did you notice what God left out? Where he was to go!  You can just imagine Abram saying, “So God, let me get this right. You want me to go?”

“Right,” God answers.

“Just go?  That’s it?  Not even a north, south, east, or west—just … go?   God says, “Yep, you go, and I’ll show the way.”

We don’t often think of God’s will coming that way.  But more often than not, that’s exactly the way He’ll operate. God’s will seldom comes in a final, finished package with everything from start to finish laid out for you.

What usually happens is that God’s will for your life will come bit by bit, step by step, unfolding as you follow Him in obedience and trust.

But that’s not all.  God also has a tendency to reveal His will to us to the degree that we have followed His will up to that point.

When Abram followed what he knew of God’s will, God gave him more knowledge.  God reveals Himself to those who not only want to know His will, but who’ll act on it.  The more we obey, the more He reveals!

—James Emery White in You Can Experience … a Purposeful Life

My Response:  If my long-term destination is unclear, how can I focus on my next step instead?

Adapted from You Can Experience … a Purposeful Life (Word, 2000)

Prayer for the Week:  I want my life to count for you, Lord. Help me to discover and follow your best purpose for my life.

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