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Believe the Best – Silent Treatment

ShhhhWho Said It…Ron Jenson

Ron is chairman of Future Achievement International, a personal leadership development organization.  He also leads High Ground, a non-profit organization focused on mutual support between business leaders worldwide, and Christians in Business International.

He has sold over 700,000 audiotapes, and speaks internationally.  Dr. Jenson lives in San Diego and has co-authored one of his books, Fathers and Sons (Broadman & Holman), with his adult son, Matt.

What He Said…Silent Treatment

When I was the president of a graduate school, I’d encouraged my staff to serve their customers (students) by being attentive and supportive.

During a staff meeting someone came in and told me, “You’re urging us to serve the students, but I was just in the bookstore and the manager wouldn’t even talk to the students.  They asked questions and all he did was to point them toward various resources.”

I was livid. I marched to the bookstore to chew out the manager.  Right before I got to the store, my vice president for the bookstore division passed me.  I stopped him and said, “Gus, I want you to come with me.  Your bookstore manager is being so insensitive to some of our students, he’s not even talking to them.”

“Ron, he has laryngitis!” Gus responded.

Man, did I feel small and stupid.  I’d assumed the worst.

Trusting one another is about having enough faith in the other person to put aside any assumptions.

Adapted from Jesus Up Close (Tyndale, 2001)

Prayer for the Week:  Lord, you received me when I was down and out.  Help me to accept others in the same spirit.

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