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Time to Count the Cost – Don’t Flinch

Football TackleWho Said It…Ron Brown

In 2004, Ron Brown was the receivers coach for University of Nebraska football.  Although intense, energetic, and demanding, he was also there to help his players if they needed him.

Ron is outspoken about his faith.  “Some people around the university aren’t always happy about it,” he once admitted, “but that’s their tough cookie.”  In 2005, Ron chucked his headset and clipboard to become Nebraska state director for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

What He Said…Don’t Flinch

Paul told the elders from Ephesus, “I didn’t shrink from declaring all that God wants for you” (Acts 20:27).  If we let pain cause us to flinch in our Christian walk, we’ll definitely lose impact.

Football players have to learn not to flinch.  One fearless player who has that down is Mike Brown of the Chicago Bears.  I recruited Mike to the University of Nebraska.

He was only 5’8″ and barely 180 pounds in high school, but he moved around the football field like a rocket!  He never hesitated when he tackled another player.  Not once did I see him flinch when driving his body into a ball carrier.

Most players, just before they make contact, flinch and turn their head and shoulders a little.  They don’t want to take the full blow.

Coaches teach that it’s better to initiate the blow at full speed with proper technique than to avoid the contact by flinching.  God needs full-speed players willing to tackle the opposition in the name of Christ at all costs.  Don’t flinch!

Adapted from Sports Spectrum Power Up! (11-12/03)

Prayer for the Week:  Being an out-and-out disciple isn’t for wimps, Lord.  Give me what it takes to be all Yours.

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