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How to Dis Discontent – Gear Glut

Hiking with a Large PackKey Bible Verse:  True religion with contentment is great wealth. 1 Timothy 6:6

Bonus Reading1 Timothy 6:5b-11, 17-19

I entered a shelter along the Appalachian Trail late one afternoon after witnessing incredible overlooks and enjoying nature’s beauty up close.  But there was one problem—my pack was too heavy.  My shoulders were aching, and my neck felt like it needed one of those thick, padded braces.

I’d packed way too much food and dreaded lugging the heavy pack the next day.  So I started giving away dried fruit and granola bars to the other hikers settling in for the night.  They probably thought it odd, but accepted the provisions I’d (unknowingly) been carrying for them.  I’d never been such a cheerful giver!

Today’s verse reminds me that if I carry too much bartering power, my journey will suffer.  Understanding my limitations has become the most efficient, least painful way to carry my pack.

Some of us are stronger than others.  A friend of mine carries large bank accounts in his “life pack,” and it seems to never slow him down.  However, for others of us, our loads are lighter because our heavenly Father knows what we’re able to heft.

Seeking to fill our packs and pockets is a grave mistake.  As we learn to trust God more fully, we know He’ll meet all our needs—so there’s no need to overpack!

—Nathan Chapman in With God on the Hiking Trail

My Response:  To lighten my “life pack,” I need to …

Thought to Apply: God doesn’t call upon us to give up a single thing that adds to our happiness; all He wants us to give up are the things which blight our lives.—D.L. Moody

Adapted from With God on the Hiking Trail (Doubleday, 2001)

Prayer for the Week:  Lord, make me grateful for Your past blessings, confident of Your future provision, and at peace with my current circumstances.
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