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Contagious Faith – Bathrobe Performance

Man in BathrobeKey Bible Verse:  Be prepared in season and out of season … keep your head in all situations.  – 2 Timothy 4:2b, 5a

Bonus Reading:  2 Timothy 4:1-5

I woke up to the familiar sound of the 6:00 news.  That day it was particularly depressing.  A woman had shot her boyfriend, a man admitted poisoning his wife, political campaigns were growing more negative.  Jim Scott, the usually upbeat deejay, said, “Won’t somebody call in with some good news?”

As I lay there in bed, still half asleep, I thought, “That’s a 50,000-watt station.  Somebody needs to grab this chance to say something positive for Christ!”  Then it struck me: I am somebody.  I dialed the number.  A few minutes later, Jim Scott put me on the air.

Thinking quickly, I told how my church had recently purchased an old church building in a center-city neighborhood.  I shared my excitement about how university students and community residents were pooling their resources and working hard to refurbish an old building to use as a place of worship and an activity center for youth.  After a few minutes, the deejay thanked me for calling, and I hung up.

Standing there in my bathrobe, I laughed out loud as I thought, “I must be dreaming!  I think I just spoke on the radio to hundreds of thousands of people!”

—- David Faust in Faith Under Fire

Personal Challenge:  What would you say to someone who asked you to share some good news?

Thought to Apply: When the heart is on fire, sparks will fly out of the mouth. – Anonymous

Adapted from— Faith Under Fire (Standard, 1997)

Prayer:  God, help me to live my life to shine as a light for You.

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