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Rainy Days – Depression U

The Great DepressionKey Bible Verse:  It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrees.  – Psalm 119:71

Bonus Reading:  Psalm 107:1-32

“After the stock market crashed in 1929, Dad could no longer find work in his bricklaying trade.  In desperation, he took a job as night watchman for $28 a week.  The Depression taught my family many life-building lessons:

We learned the importance of each family member as we struggled to meet the monthly mortgage payment.  Mother took in washing and ironing.  Brother Bill and I sold magazines door-to-door.  The three boys helped deliver milk.  We all made hat bands for a nearby factory, made and sold paper flowers.

The Depression days also taught us thrift and frugality.  When we used tea bags, we did so again and again.  The phone was used only for emergencies.  One electric light was allowed on per room.  Usually, we all studied and worked in a single room.

We also learned the value of money and the importance of avoiding credit.  Mother used to say, “If your outgo is greater than your income, then your upkeep is headed for a downfall.”

The Great Depression strengthened our faith.  A few years of poverty can do more for spiritual maturity than 10 years of prosperity.  I look back with gratitude for the lessons we learned.

—- George Sweeting in Too Soon to Quit

Personal Challenge:  What values have you learned because of difficulties you’ve had to face?

Thought to Apply:  A man who has not suffered, what does he know? – —Henry Suso (14th Century)

Prayer:  Lord, give me a goal big enough to be worthy of You, and love strong enough to stick with it.

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