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A Bulletproof Faith – The Big One

CemeteryKey Bible Verse:  “I am the First and the Last … and I hold the keys of death and the grave.”  Revelation 1:17-18

Bonus Reading: 1 Corinthians 8:6; Hebrews 11:6

For the twentieth anniversary of the Larry King Live television talk show in 2005, the well-known host sat in the guest chair, while Barbara Walters interviewed him.  She hit Larry with her usual barrage of blunt questions. “Are you very rich?” “What living person do you most admire?”

Eventually she arrived at “What is your greatest fear?”

Larry King’s prompt, serious one-word answer: “Death.”

He didn’t say, “That my show might get canceled,” “That my ratings might drop,” or “That my broker might embezzle all my money.”  No, to Larry, the thought of dying was worse than any of these.

Barbara quickly moved to the next question. “Do you believe in God?”

Larry’s forthright answer: “Not sure.  I’m an agnostic.”

As soon as I heard that, I thought, The two answers fit together, don’t they?  To be uncertain about the reality of God leaves a big problem when it comes to death.  It means being cast out into a void, unsure of what or whom to grasp.

But if you know there’s a God, and you’ve come to terms with him by accepting his offer of forgiveness and salvation, you know what eternity holds.  You know God is there already to welcome you as one of his family.

—Jeff Streucker in The Road to Unafraid


My Response: How has my God-confidence diminished my death-fear? To what extent?

Adapted from The Road to Unafraid (W Publishing, 2006)



Prayer for the Week:  Give me a heightened awareness of the next life, Lord, so that I may strike a truer balance in this one.

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