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In Memoriam: Anthony DeSalle – UPDATED Funeral Arrangements

On August 7, 2017,  Anthony DeSalle passed into the Church Triumphant.

A tireless worker and active member of Central Church for 51 years, Tony also served as Chaplin at the Medical Center in Beaver as well as at the Beaver Valley Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Chippewa.

Over his many years at Central, Tony held virtually every office, including serving as our Chairman of the Stewardship and Finance Committee, as a Certified Lay Speaker, and as Lay Leader of Central Church in his final years.  He also was a faithful member of our Church Choir over several decades.

In an era in which the Church is often viewed as just another community commodity, with people coming and going on slight breezes of whim, Tony provided a solid and continuous example of what it really means to be a faithful follower of Christ.  We will all missing his good humor and endless willingness to engage in the work of God’s Kingdom.

All of the funeral arrangements will be at Central Church on Friday, August 11, 2017.

Family Viewing will be from 12 Noon – 1 pm in Central’s Parlor.

General Viewing will follow, from 1-6 pm, also in the Parlor.

The funeral worship service, planned by Tony himself in 1999, will be held in the Sanctuary at 6 pm.

Following the funeral service, a funeral luncheon will be served downstairs in the Fellowship Hall.  (A private interment will be subsequently conducted at Sylvania Hills.)

In lieu of flowers, gifts may be made in memory of Tony to the Memorial Fund of Central Church.

Please remember his daughter, Debbie, and the rest of his family in prayer as they move through this difficult time.


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