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Culture Can Be Redeemed – Deep End Economics

Kids in SwimsuitsKey Bible Verse:  They share freely and give generously to those in need.  Their good deeds will be remembered forever.  Psalm 112:9

Bonus Reading  2 Corinthians 9: 7-13

An Arizona church had a clothing drive to help a ministry that operates a summer day-camp for hundreds of poor children.

One of their favorite activities is going to a city swimming pool.  But a swimsuit is required at the pool, and few children own one.  When this need was announced at the church, an out-of-town visitor was moved to donate $1,000 to buy swimsuits!

David, a church member, checked out several stores.  At the store that offered the best discount, he carefully selected 150 children’s swimsuits, and piled them all in front of the cashier!  Several people behind him reacted with dismay, knowing this big purchase would delay them.  An older woman asked if he had a large family.  “No,” he laughingly replied, and explained who the swimsuits were for.

The woman continued to watch as the clerk totaled the cost.  Finally, the total reached $1,000, which paid for 125 suits.  David told the clerk he’d put the remaining 25 swimsuits back on the sales rack.

“No!” the woman interjected, “I’d like to pay for those.”  David, astounded by this woman’s generosity, was sure he’d just seen another example of Kingdom mathematics.

—Bob Moffitt in If Jesus Were Mayor


My Response: A community need my church is—or could be—addressing is …


Thought to Apply:  [A true community’s] members are making the transition from “the community for myself” to “myself for the community.” —Jean Vanier(Canadian social worker)

Adapted from If Jesus Were Mayor (Monarch, 2006



Prayer for the Week:  Since you’ve called me to be salt and light, I’m not free to just blend in.  Empower me to make a positive impact where you’ve placed me.




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