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Radical Repentance – A Jesus Freak Is Born (Again)

Key Bible Verse:  If yCampfire 2ou confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.  Romans 10:9

Bonus ReadingJohn 3: 1-17

Most everybody knows Toby McKeehan as the artist who performed “Jesus Freak” with his fellow band mates in DC Talk.  But as a kid, Toby (now known as solo artist tobyMac) went to Church because his mom dragged him there.  He would often ditch Sunday school.

But 12-year-old Toby’s life changed because of Harold, one of the church’s youth leaders.  Along with showing an interest in Toby, Harold invited him to a camp.

“I thought it was a sports camp,” Toby says.  “But when we got off that bus, we went straight into this worship service where this preacher was talking for hours.”

While Toby disliked the preaching, he appreciated the conversations back at the cabin.  “Harold would take time to talk to us,” Toby says.  “He’d share about his past and told us about Jesus.”

One night Toby lay in his sleeping bag with a lot on his mind.  He wanted to have a relationship with Jesus, but he didn’t know how.  Finally, he went and woke up Harold.

“He led me in asking Christ to forgive me and asking him into life,” Toby says.  “My life just went in a totally different direction right there.”

—Todd Hertz in Ignite Your Faith


My Response:  Because of Christ, my life has changed in the following ways: …


Thought to Apply:  The Lord has turned all our sunsets into sunrise.—Clement of Alexandria (early Church Father)

Adapted from an article in Ignite Your Faith magazine (1-2/05)


Prayer for the Week:  Dear Father, help me to know that in you there is no condemnation and nothing can ever separate me from your love.




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