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Radical Repentance – A President’s Greatest Need

Gerald Ford Becomes Vice President

Gerald Ford Becomes Vice President

Key Bible Verse:  I want to know Christ and experience the mighty power that raised him from the dead.Philippians 3:10

Bonus ReadingActs 9: 1-30

As a young Michigan Congressman, Gerald Ford met a gospel-film executive named Billy Zeoli who came by his office and gave him a Bible.  Over the next few years, the two men became close.

Among their bonds was a love of sports: Ford had been an All-American football player, and Zeoli had a ministry to pro athletes.  At a pre-game chapel for the Dallas Cowboys, in Washington to play the Redskins, Ford went to hear Zeoli preach on “God’s game plan.”

Ford was especially moved by the sermon and talked with Zeoli afterward about Christ and forgiveness and what it meant.  The inquiry felt real and raw; but was that the moment Ford committed himself to Christ?

“It’s hard to say when a man does that,” Zeoli says plainly.  “That’s a God thing.  But I think that day is the day he looked back to as an extremely important day of knowing Christ.”

When Ford became vice president in 1973, Zeoli began sending him a weekly devotional memo.  Zeoli sent 146 devotionals in all, every week through Ford’s presidency.  Beyond the memos, Ford and Zeoli would meet privately every four or five weeks for prayer and Bible study.

—Nancy Gibbs & Michael Duffy in Time


My Response:  One thing I will do this week to get to know Christ better is …


Thought to Apply:  Oh, the fullness, pleasure, sheer excitement of knowing God on Earth! —Jim Elliot (slain missionary to Ecuador)

Adapted from “The Other Born-Again President,” Time (1/15/07)


Prayer for the Week:  Dear Father, help me to know that in you there is no condemnation and nothing can ever separate me from your love.



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