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Green is the Color of the Season of Pentecost

When we start paying special attention, we see green everywhere in all of its differences and variations. It’s the same with the stories of this season. When we start paying special attention to the stories of ordinary lives and relationships, we begin to see the variety of tones and hues of God’s presence.  ~ from Living Pentecost 1 at Home.

Pentecost Sunday was June 4 this year, marking the last Sunday of the Lent/Easter lectionary season.

The Pentecost season begins after Pentecost Sunday and ends August 27. Pentecost, observed 50 days (pente cost in Greek) after Easter, is known as the Birthday of the Church.

According to the Bible, the Holy Spirit came down upon the apostles praying together on this day, and gifted them the ability to speak other languages, which allowed the message of Jesus Christ to be shared all around the world.




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