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Just Say No – The Bare Essentials

Mountain ClimberKey Bible Verse:  “And as Christ’s soldier, do not let yourself become tied up in the affairs of this life.”  – 2 Timothy 2: 4

Bonus Reading  2 Timothy 2: 1-7

The story is told of a group of people who were preparing to climb Mount Blanc in the Swiss Alps.

On the evening before the climb, the guide outlined the prerequisite for reaching the top.  Due to the difficulty of the climb, he warned them, one could reach the top by taking only the bare essentials of equipment.  All unnecessary accessories must be left behind.

A young Englishman refused to listen.  He brought along an extra blanket, a cap, and a fancy notebook in his backpack.

On the way to the summit of Mount Blanc, the guide began to notice certain items of excess baggage left behind in the snow.  First the blanket.  Then the notebook.  Later the cap.

This epitomizes what must happen in our lives spiritually if we are to win the race.  Every unnecessary weight must be cast aside if we are to make it to the top.  We must let go of the good if we are to achieve the best.

Running with maximum speed requires stripping down.  Even small encumbrances can keep us from victory.  The difference between victory and defeat is often very small.

—- Steven Lawson in “Men Who Win”


My Response:  A “good” that may be in the way of God’s best for me is… …


Thought to Apply:  If you begin by denying yourself nothing, the world later is apt to do your denying for you.
—- B. F. Forbes (writer)

Adapted from: “Men Who Win” (NavPress, 1992)



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