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Just Say No – No Seconds?

No moreKey Bible Verses: You who lounge in luxury, eating the meat of tender lambs and choice calves.  Suddenly, all your revelry will end.  Amos 6: 1-7

After graduating from college, I was awarded a scholarship for graduate study at Clark University.  It carried a stipend that allowed for lunch and dinner six days a week.  Feeling the need for a breakfast as well, I used the little money I had to buy each week a box of shredded wheat, a can of condensed milk, and a pound of brown sugar.  For two semesters I had the same breakfast daily.

I confess it was some years before I could enjoy shredded wheat again, but the discipline dictated by my lack of funds was good for me.  I appreciated my education more.  And later I certainly valued the more varied breakfasts I could afford.

Yet if we can afford to eat lots of rich foods, should we do so?  Long before the medical profession urged moderation and balance in our diets, the Bible condemned gluttony.  Slowly we are learning that a proper diet contributes to our wellbeing, but overindulgence can give us serious health problems.

—- Hudson Armerding in The Heart of Godly Leadership


My Response: I’ll purposely limit myself in the area of…. …


Thought to Apply: Self-control may be defined as the ability to carry a credit card and not abuse it.
—- Anonymous

          Adapted from: The Heart of Godly Leadership (Crossway, 1992)



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