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The Touch That Transforms – Soft-Drink Sell

Key Bible Verse:  “If you give even a cup of cold water to one of the least of these … you will surely be rewarded.”  Matthew 10:42

Child DrinkingBonus Reading:  Matthew 25: 31-46

While working alone one Saturday I stepped outside for a break.  I heard children playing beneath a tractor-trailer.  One saw me, yelled, “There’s the man,” and started running.

“Wait,” I called. “Would you like something cold to drink?” Four or five little kids followed me into the plant where I opened the soft drink machine and gave one to each.

On Monday afternoon I heard a commotion in the lobby. Walking down the hallway, I heard one youngster ask the receptionist, “Where’s the big man with the beard?”  Turning the corner, I saw 16 kids waiting for the man with the key to the drink machine.

By the end of the week, 35 unkempt, undisciplined, and often-hungry children, whose addicted parents left them to fend for themselves, were coming to my office every afternoon after school.  I worked at my drafting table, surrounded by kids on the floor busily coloring or doing other crafts I’d brought.

Thus began the journey that would change my world.  Ten years after I first reached out to the Cleveland Arms kids, I sold my share of the business to my partner and started Metro Inner City Sunday School.  When the kids got older, we started youth groups and teen programs.

—Terry Lane in Today’s Christian


My Response: Someone in my neighborhood I could reach out to with a kind act is ____.

Adapted from an article in Today’s Christian.



Prayer for the Week:  Please make my life count, Lord, by helping to transform the lives of those who are hurting.



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