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The Touch That Transforms – Salvaging a Bad Move

Boy with BasketballWho Said It … Terry Lane

Terry Lane operates the Jacksonville, Florida-based Metro Kids Konnection, which feeds over 145 children—physically and spiritually.

Terry and his wife, Kathy, have gone from enjoying a six-figure annual income to subsisting on $12,000 a year.  But, Terry reports, “Nothing can replace the joy of having a little child crawl into my lap with a hug for ‘Pastor Terry,’ or for a young man who’s been rescued from a probable drug-dealing life shake my hand and say, ‘Thanks, P.T.'”

What He Said … Salvaging a Bad Move

My cabinet-making business with its 40-man staff had outgrown its building.  So we built a new plant in Jacksonville.  But every night the alarm sounded, revealing broken windows, bullet holes, and stolen equipment.

“What possessed you to build a plant next to the Cleveland Arms?” a policeman asked me.  He informed me that this subsidized housing complex, occupied by drug dealers, prostitutes, and felons, sold the most crack cocaine in Jacksonville.

As I stood on the loading dock one afternoon, glaring into the complex, a crystal-clear thought came to me: If you’ll love those who despitefully use you, I’ll take care of it.

Stunned at God’s gentle command, I sensed him add, Look past the drug dealers; look at the children.  I prayed for days about how to connect with the complex, then bought about $200-worth of basketballs, wrote “Jesus loves you” and “Mr. Lane loves you” on them, and threw them over the fence. […continued tomorrow in “Soft-Drink Sell”]

Adapted from an article in Today’s Christian.



Prayer for the Week:  Please make my life count, Lord, by helping to transform the lives of those who are hurting.



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