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The Touch That Transforms – The Little Church That Could

Small Rural ChurchKey Bible Verse:   And note this: “Some who seem least important now will be the greatest then”  – Luke 13:30.

Bonus Reading:  2 Corinthians 8: 1-5

A Church in South Africa split; the pastor departed with most of the members.  The remnant couldn’t afford to maintain the facility, let alone pay a pastor.  

But God led John to them.  He asked his flock of fewer than 40 to consider what God wanted to do through them.  They focused on the massive Black squatters’ camp nearby that this Caucasian Church had ignored.  Unemployment was widespread, venereal disease epidemic, with a high percentage of residents HIV-positive.

They began by meeting the most pressing needs.  These programs gradually expanded to distributing AIDS medicines, an AIDS hospice, food and clothing pantries, a furniture bank, skills and nutrition training, childcare instruction, medical care, education, and a radio station.  The Church was soon filled with new members, excited to be part of a Church making such a difference.

Then the U.S. launched a campaign to combat AIDS in Africa, including grants to groups already dealing with the problem.  More than 400 groups applied, but only two were approved.  

This Church was one!  The U.S. government now provides $450,000 annually to support its AIDS efforts.  Even the White House wants to be involved with this once insignificant Church!

—Richard Blackaby in Unlimiting God


My Response: In engaging my community, do I focus on my limitations or God’s power?


Thought to Apply: The great thing about serving the poor is that there’s no competition. —Eugene Rivers (pastor)

Adapted from Unlimiting God (Multnomah, 2008


Prayer for the Week:  Please make my life count, Lord, by helping to transform the lives of those who are hurting.



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