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Returning Good for Evil: Jerk Reaction

IntimidationKey Bible Verse: “Bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.”  Luke 6:28

Bonus Reading: 1 Samuel 25: 1-17

I was away from home and family, working on my doctorate at Duke University.  Another Christian student and I were belittled for our faith.  Once someone broke into my friend’s room; when he returned he found beer cans stacked around the room and pornographic pictures plastered on the walls and ceiling.

On my floor, a group of medical students would regularly go out drinking late at night.  After midnight they’d pound loudly on my door and shout obscenities.  I’d lie in the dark praying, but with growing resentment.

I was home one weekend wondering what to do.  During my quiet time, I read Luke 6:28.  Love those jerks?  I couldn’t stand them, but I prayed God would not only change my attitude but maybe even the attitude of my dormmates.

I brought back from home a box of my wife’s chocolate chip cookies and took them across the hall to the ringleader.  He looked shocked to see me at his door.  “My wife baked a batch of cookies and I thought you’d like some.”  Struck speechless, he took the box, mumbling something I assumed was a “Thank you.”  The bashing on my door and the obscenities stopped.

—- Anonymous in “Christian Acts of Kindness”



What’s a simple way you can show kindness this week?


Thought to Apply:

Repay evil with good and you deprive the evildoer of all the pleasure of his wickedness.

—- Leo Tolstoy (Russian novelist, 19th century)

Adapted from Christian Acts of Kindness (Conari, 1999).



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