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Fight the Flab – Sob Story

Defeated BoxerWho Said It…Kenneth Ulmer

Kenneth Ulmer pastors the Faithful Central Bible Church of Inglewood, California.  He has seen his congregation swell, since 1982, from 350 to more than 13,000.  It now owns and meets in the Great Western Forum, where the Lakers used to play.  Kenneth also teaches in a seminary, and presides over a fellowship with congregations in the U.S. and five African countries.  He’s married to Togetta; their children are RoShaun, Keniya, and Kendan.

What He Said…Silent Treatment

A sportscaster reported that a Las Vegas boxing match was stopped because one of the fighters had quit fighting in the middle of a round and started crying!

This burly guy just broke down.  They later learned that he was physically, mentally, and emotionally unprepared to fight.  The promoter said he’d tried several times to convince the fighter’s coach and trainers to cancel the bout because of concerns that he hadn’t completely recovered from a recent struggle with drug abuse. But his camp insisted that the fight go on as planned. So they put him in the ring, and he gave what he had. When that ran out, he quit—and cried.

If his trainers had postponed the match, this fighter might have won.  But they didn’t, and he lost.  He lost because he wasn’t fit.

Many of us are losing spiritual battle after battle, not because we don’t know Jesus, or because we doubt the promises of God, but because we’re spiritually out of shape.

          Adapted from Spiritually Fit to Run the Race (Nelson, 1999)

Prayer for the Week

Lord, I want to become a disciple You can count on; grant me self-discipline to get started.

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