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Downstairs Floors Refinished!

With the help of 72 men from our Saturday AA group, we started the process of tear-down to refinish the floors at 9 pm Saturday after their meeting since we now need to get such projects completed before people arrive for our free community lunch around 10 am on Tuesday.

After the Fellowship Hall was cleared, the floor was scrubbed twice late Saturday night and prepared to receive the new finish.  Six thin coats of finish were applied starting Sunday evening and ending this evening.  Six coats were necessary to get a balanced, uniform look to the shine.  The 6 coats also mean that we should be able to snap the finish back at least a few times with our burnisher when the shine fades with use.

After the final coat cured, we carried the tables and chairs back into the Fellowship Hall tonight and got everything set up so our Soup Tuesday crew can start as early as they like tomorrow morning.

Many thanks to our dedicated Trustees for providing us with a brilliant, shining floor for Easter this weekend!

Here are the “Before” and “after” pictures so you can gauge the improvement for yourselves!








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