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Lenten Devotional – Day 25 – Understand Me

Scripture Readings:  Genesis 50:15-26;   1 Corinthians 12:1-11;   Mark 8:11-26

In the reading for today from Mark, Jesus expressed his frustration with his disciples: “Why can’t they see and hear and understand what I am trying to tell them?” They were with him every day, and yet it was the blind man who “saw” Jesus and was healed. His heart was opened, and he understood!

Isn’t this true with us? We see God’s mighty creation all around us; we witness miraculous signs of Jesus’ love every day. But so often the eyes and ears of our hearts cannot see and hear what He is doing and saying to us.

God had made a promise to Joseph in the reading from Genesis that He would care for His people. Joseph believed this with all his heart. He forgave his brothers who had betrayed him, and he even cared for their families. He understood and believed in his heart that God would be with them.

The human heart is a miraculous organ without which we would not have life. The heart is also where physical realities are transformed into spiritual “miracles”; it is where hate becomes love, doubt becomes faith, and sadness becomes joy. It is where the Holy Spirit enables us to hear, see and understand the awesome love of God. We often let the worries and busyness of our lives close our eyes and ears and minds.

During this Lenten season, may the heart that beats within us be opened to what God is doing in our lives and in the world around us. Then may we, with truly thankful hearts, respond: “Yes, Lord, I see, I hear and I understand!”




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