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Lenten Devotional – Day 21 – Walk with God

Scripture Readings:  Genesis 47:11-26;   1 Corinthians 9:16-27;   Mark 6:47-56

At our wedding my friend sang a song with the line, “Walk hand and hand with me, through all eternity, with God as our guide.”  These readings reminded me of that song. Their stories share the importance of walking with God:  Joseph’s brothers and father walked into the palace to be presented to Pharaoh and answered Pharaoh. They were Shepherds and boldly ask for the land of Goshen.

Paul, compelled to preach, shared himself with all men, whomever his pathway crossed. Paul boldly expressed the message of Jesus in ways that it touched their souls.
Jesus comforted his disciples while walking on the lake. We know man cannot walk on water, yet here was Jesus. While reading this passage again, for the first time I noticed the words “He was about to pass them by.”

Where has God led your footsteps? On an Alaska trip to two villages in the Arctic, the plane was so small, fear gripped every part of my being. I was frozen in so much fear that I almost missed a pivotal walk in my spiritual journey.

Recently a phone message asked me to call a sales lady for an event at our time share. My head said why bother but something inside me said to call. I almost walked away from an opportunity to love and help a troubled stranger.

Little moments in our lives can place our footsteps where God can instruct us and use us to grow in grace and share His love. “Jesus almost passed them by,” but he climbed in the boat, he calmed the sea and comforted his disciples.

Reflect on a circumstance where you were afraid to step out of your comfort zone but did anyway? How did your faith compel you to go forward? How did the experience strengthen your faith?
What is God calling you to do? Maybe fear is keeping you from stepping forward. If fear is in your way, petition God for the faith to overcome your fears. And walk with Him as your guide.

Prayer:  God please direct my daily steps and help me to be still so I may know the Spirit within. Awaken my Spirit, refresh me each day so my steps will journey along the pathway you have provided. Thank you, God, for walking with me on my journey. Amen.



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