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Lenten Devotional – Day 14 – This Little Light of Mine

Scripture Readings:  Genesis 42:29-38;   1 Corinthians 6:12-20;   Mark 4:21-34

He said to them, “Do you bring in a lamp to put it under a bowl or a bed? Instead, don’t you put it on its stand? For whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, and whatever is concealed, is meant to be brought out into the open.” (Mark 4:21-22)

My first thought after reading this Scripture refers to the song “This Little Light of Mine.” It is probably familiar to you as well. The chorus goes like this…

This little light of mine,
I’m gonna let it shine.
This little light of mine,
I’m gonna let it shine.
This little light of mine,
I’m gonna let it shine.
Every day, every day,
every day, every way,
Gonna let my little light shine.

Where do you keep your lamp? Is it put away with the “good” china and crystal; only brought out for special occasions? Do you have to blow the dust from it, which accumulates from lack of use, prior to each use? Or is your lamp burnished to a soft patina from frequent handling and use? Does it guide your daily steps and light the way for others to walk with you?

What “bowls” inhibit your light and prevent you from attaining maximum wattage? Have you asked God’s help to remove those obstacles? Maintaining a close relationship with Him has proven to be the most effective way for me to shine for Him. Surrounding myself with friends, , and my church family here at Central who nurture me, strengthen me, and encourage me in my spiritual journey are also beacons of light for me. I am graced with glimpses of Christ through their actions and am motivated to do likewise for others. As another song goes…It only takes a spark, to get a fire going…






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