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Lenten Devotional – Day 12 – Thankfulness

Scripture Readings:  Genesis 42:1-17;   1 Corinthians 5:1-8;   Mark 3:19b-35

Anyone who does the will of God, is my brother and sister and mother. (Mark 3:35)

I am in the season of thankfulness at the moment. The statement found in a book titled One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, has led me to this place. I find that searching out things in the moment that I am thankful for is leading me down a path of gratefulness and joy. My list in a journal is lengthening and by writing each item down, I have begun to realize how blessed I am. Part of this blessing is being part of a community of believers, a community that is searching, at all times, for the will of God. It has not been easy. Decisions have been slow in coming. We have become short-circuited at times. But our path has been created with prayer and discernment.

One afternoon, sitting in my wheel chair, I found myself disillusioned.

Communication with my sisters had not been easy that day. Discernment of the will of God did not have consensus. The path did not seem clear. I was ready to give it all up! Oh, one of little faith, I was not seeing God’s picture, only my limited vision. Yet I could see that God had gathered a group of women together for a purpose. Each woman joining this community was bringing unbelievable gifts as well as the desire to follow the will of God.

I realized that I needed to look at the big picture, not the restlessness of the moment. It was time to be thankful, not despairing. It was time to rejoice, not quit. And it was time to realize that following the will of God would take time, patience and perseverance.

Today, I am thankful for my church family that I have joined on this path. Today, I am thankful for our Sisters and Brothers who have patiently accompanied us along the way. And I am thankful for the God-given gifts that each member of the community brings as our pilgrimage continues into the future.





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