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Lenten Devotional – Day 5 – Make It About Jesus

jesus-our-hopeScripture Readings:  Genesis 37:1-111 Corinthians 1:1-19Mark 1:1-13

Today’s Gospel is the story of a family, God’s family, and particularly a Father and His Son. As a boy Jesus was obedient and faithful, as He went about His daily life; however, somewhere, somehow, He knew that He had a very special relationship with His God, and because of that He would one day be required to give something in return. Most definitely the life of Jesus was a “process, not an event”!

Jesus’ life unfolded over centuries, for like ours, it began long before His birth, and as we know has continued on long after His death. We can only imagine how His heart leapt when his Father finally acknowledged him as his Son, to the entire world. Our identity, our personhood, is a most precious thing as we see clearly when people who have been adopted are finally reunited with their biological parents.

It is startling when we read that immediately after this affirmation of identity His Father sends him into the wilderness to be tested. We may well ask, what does all this say to you and to me? One thing we know beyond doubt is that Jesus taught by modeling behavior.

So, if He were tested and passed that test, then we had better learn something from that exercise too. Learning to accept the process of testing one’s behavior, as a method of helping one see the core of the work to be done, is extremely important.

There is nothing sadder than someone who is so self-centered that they are totally unable to learn from a life experience, but only spend precious time moping and feeling sorry for themselves. Jesus needs disciples who know how to step out in the sureness of His love and empowerment, to take their part in transforming their corner of the world for God. The most effective way to transform our society is to allow ourselves to be transparent, so that others are able to see Jesus in us.

Lent is a special six weeks when we are asked to center on methods available to us to make some huge changes in how we live our daily lives. These very short six weeks ask us to make some important changes in how we live and move among those with whom we share our island home. If we are willing to make these six weeks all about Jesus and the sacrifices He made for us and not all about us, we will rise on Easter Morning, stronger in our renewed faith having come through our yearly time of testing and having reached the other side, and be able to claim our crown from the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.




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