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Everyday Ways to Love Your Neighbor – Eyes Wide Open

Love Your NeighborKey Bible Verse: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  – Luke 10:27

Dig Deeper: Luke 10:25-37

Shayne and Corey Earley were born with a rare genetic condition that practically guarantees they’ll never see their fifth birthday. They have to be fed intravenously and must be aspirated frequently to help them breathe. The cost of caring for Shayne and Corey has been astronomical. Before long, the Earleys found almost all of their income going to the boys’ care and were unable to pay their bills and their mortgage.

As neighbors learned of the Earleys’ plight, they started to help out. One resident dealt with their creditors and got them off the Earleys’ backs. Another resident organized fund-raising events for the Earleys, and a local garage fixed their cars for free.

Love your neighbor as yourself. Men, let’s keep our eyes open for those who may be in need. It could be a homeless person, a lonely senior citizen struggling to get by, or a young person who has trouble fitting in. Let’s teach our kids the value of helping someone out, as well. Serve in a soup kitchen as a family, take meals to a shut-in, invite a lonely person over for dinner, or just put an arm around a hurting child. Let’s use the example of the people [in this story] as an inspiration to extend a hand of friendship to someone in need.

—Bill McCartney in 4th and Goal

My Response: I will keep my eyes wide open for opportunities to serve.

Thought to Apply: Your neighbor is the man who needs you.—Elbert Hubbard (writer, publisher)

Adapted from 4th and Goal (Tyndale, 2002).

Prayer for the Week: Heavenly Father, open my eyes to the needs of my neighbors; move my heart to reach out, serve, and share your love in everyday ways.



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