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What’s Keeping YOU from Coming to Church?


Today, the primary activity for many people on Sundays is sports.

This is especially challenging for churches because many youth sports are on Sundays and if young people want to take part in sports, or watch and support friends and family members who do, they can’t attend church.

For others, their primary loyalty is to their team or teams, real or fantasy, ad attention to what is happening with them is their priority.  If there is any conflict or overlap with Sunday services, church loses out.

If a person isn’t involved in sports, and after a hectic week, often shopping, sleeping in, or “time for me” is far more appealing to many than going to church.  For many people, it isn’t a conscious decision to NOT go to church, they simply don’t care or know that they should.

Many people who attend church infrequently or who attended church as a child have no idea that Jesus expects them to grow in their Christian lives.  Many church members are unaware that the Great Commission Jesus gave his church was to “make disciples” and you need to be involved in a church to grow as one.

In contrast with those for whom attending church is a reluctant last choice, consider the example of our own Pastor Jan.

Pastor Jan celebrates communion from her wheelchair.

Pastor Jan celebrates communion from her wheelchair.

Pastor Jan was involved in a very serious automobile accident while she was returning from visiting some of our shut-ins on Thanksgiving morning.  The accident resulted in the fracturing of both femurs in her legs and the dislocation of both knees.

Several surgeries later, and she has been transferred from the hospital to an extended care facility to begin her rehabilitative therapy so she can eventually walk again.  She cannot yet stand on the broken bones as they heal and is just beginning to be able to bend her knees.

For most of us, the drill would be to stay in the rehab facility until we could transition home for an additional period of recovery before attempting to return to work and resume our day-to-day schedules.

Those of you who worshiped with us last week saw the return of Pastor Jan weeks (or months) ahead of schedule.  She arrived mid-morning via a wheelchair transport van and was brought into our Sanctuary.

Although our Church is fully accessible to anyone who may face mobility challenges, no one thought about making the pulpit area similarly accessible so Pastor Jan set up in the large space between the first pew and the communion rail  at the front of the Sanctuary and led us in worship, all while confined to her wheelchair.  We even celebrated communion by joining Pastor Jan in the front of the Sanctuary.

Now THAT’S a living example of a different spiritual priority from what is typical in society today.

This Sunday, while you are considering whether to come to worship or snooze, shop, or attend a sporting activity, where will your priorities be? 

Will you align yourself with God, or will you let yourself be drawn away by the many seductive siren calls of the world?

Pastor Jan is planning to be with us again in her wheelchair this Sunday.  Why not join us for worship at 11 am? 




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