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Advent Devotional – Thursday, December 22, 2016 – The Greatest Experience

hope-is-born-advent-devotional-2Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judæa in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem, saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him. When Herod the king had heard these things, he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him.

And when he had gathered all the chief priests and scribes of the people together, he demanded of them where Christ should be born. And they said unto him, In Bethlehem of Judæa: for thus it is written by the prophet, And thou Bethlehem, in the land of Juda, art not the least among the princes of Juda: for out of thee shall come a Governor, that shall rule my people Israel.

Then Herod, when he had privily called the wise men, enquired of them diligently what time the star appeared. And he sent them to Bethlehem, and said, Go and search diligently for the young child; and when ye have found him, bring me word again, that I may come and worship him also.

When they had heard the king, they departed; and, lo, the star, which they saw in the east, went before them, till it came and stood over where the young child was. 10 When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy. 11 And when they were come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell down, and worshipped him: and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto him gifts; gold, and frankincense, and myrrh. 12 And being warned of God in a dream that they should not return to Herod, they departed into their own country another way.  – Matthew 2: 1-12 

I wonder what it was like to be the Magi…as they were looking for the star that was going to lead them to the Savior of the world. Our Savior, that would mean so many thing to us: Defender, guardian, protector, love, rescuer, Father, healer, redeemer. Night after night…just knowing that they were getting closer to Him is something that I wish I could have experienced.

Oh wait I have…in my teenage years and early adult years I was looking for something in this earth to make my problems go away, to ease my pain, to fill an emptiness I had. I had been blessed with a wonderful family and had all I needed, but there still was something missing. I was looking for someone to love me even with all my sins – to love me unconditionally, someone that would never hurt me.  Then, one day I started coming to First Church, hoping that no one would see my sins and still love me…week after week I heard of someone that was fitting all the things that I was looking for…that person was my Heavenly Father.

I was so excited to get to know my Heavenly Father because HE IS THE ONLY ONE that would fill that emptiness inside me, and I have learned to turn to Him when things are down and praise Him for everything that He has provided me with.  So like the Magi meeting our Savior that night, though this was many years later, I realize we all have our journey to meet our Savior for the first time!




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